Hi, This is
Lim Kim.

Someone might remember me as Superstar K3’s Twogeworl or singer from Mystic entertainment. But now I would like to introduce myself as Lim Kim. I decided to do Tumblbug funding for EP production that I have been preparing for a long time and I want to share the story. If this funding project succeeds, I will release EP with six new songs and produce music videos. Above all, I hope that this project will create an opportunity to voice to those who think like me.

The blank space
was my choice.

It was 2011.

Like a guy who won a lottery and changed his life in a day, I became a singer when I woke up. Since then I released music without interruption, but I did not really know what I really wanted to do with my music. Many things and thoughts have gone through me, and from the moment I was deeply concerned about what my identity was.

Beyond just delivering a good song with a good voice, I began to think about music that could come from my identity. I think it was a rebellion against the past condition because it was hard to know clearly what music I wanted to do.

So I stopped my career for a while and chose to make a time to find myself.

Because of the long blank, the profile on the web that explains me had the word ‘retirement presumption’. But at that time, I was searching for my own music.

The first thing that came to my mind was the memory of my childhood. I moved a lot. I lived in foreign countries and Korea. Languages, cultures, and the faces of people who I meet were different in each places, but one thing that did not change was that I was living with the identity as an Asian woman. I didn’t think that much about being an Asian in Korea, but when I was abroad, it was different. In overseas, the first thing that I noticed was my identity as an Asian among other race of people. From those thoughts, I began to look back at my music. Although the lyrics were written in Korean, I have never thought about what music originated from the Asian culture. So I wanted to find myself again with the identity as an Asian woman. There was not a lot of music on this subject, so I could imagine it more freely and express with new voices and images as if I’m carving out a new road.

Thoughts in the Album

After I decided to talk about the theme of Asian women, I started to find ways to express Asian women in various ways as much as possible and started to think about topics.

First of all, Asia.

Orientalism is a western ways of seeing Asia, so I felt that we need a redefinition of our own because we often forget the context and use it. Especially, I wanted to escape the stereotypes that are applied to Asian women, that are treated ridiculously in the media.

But I did not want to create a song that contains messages that only stays in one side. So I wanted to consider both Easten and Western perspectives. Based on familiar genres of western music such as pop, hip-hop, and electronic, I tried to combine those elements with Asian instruments and Korean traditional music Pan-sori. I wanted to Transform them into unexpected music and characters. In addition, I didn’t want to approach simply by using Eastern codes, jokes as memes, or smirking. I wanted to clarify Orientalism which doesn’t fully explain the true Asian culture. Rather than merely using Asian images, sounds, and concepts, I wanted to express thoughts and philosophy in my own way.

Second, there are different voices of races such as white men and women, black men and women, but I wanted to raise the voice of Asian men and women who was the least heard among them. I wanted people to know that the voice of an Asian people could be different from the stereotypes. Because sometimes they could raise their voice shouting in an aggressive way saying I’m UNFUCKABLE CREATURE!